Small personal loans – Borrow Manageable Amounts When You Need Cash

When you are in a financial situation, you want to borrow money without having to wait for many days or weeks for approval. You also want to avoid filling mountains of paperwork, answering all sorts of invasive financial questions, or having your financial records and status put under a magnifying glass.

You would want the least resistance and no credit checks in the process. Well, how do you get funds easily without passing through all these rigorous requirements? The best way is requesting a personal loan that does not need credit checks. This will provide the chance to get the money you require, as well as plenty of time to pay it back.

personal loans for bad credit

Note that Green touch does not make loans of our own. We distribute your application to our network of lenders, and one of those will contact you back if it’s at all possible to make you a loan.


Customized small personal loans no credit check


For personal loans with unique features Green Touch can assist you in reaching the right lender. Fill out our application form and the lender who matches your profile the best will get back to you.

Online loans can:

  • Get funds to individuals that have a bad credit score. Credit scoring is less important for these kinds of loans.
  • Deliver the finds to your account very quickly. The transaction is considered instantly, especially in working hours.
  • Get you a loan without collateral, apart from your next paycheck.
  • Be more convenient than traditional borrowing which is sluggish and inflexible.
  • Get you money without affecting your credit score.
  • Solve emergencies quickly.
  • Carry no processing fees.
  • Are secure and private. Banks will not be informed about your loan through the credit scoring network.


personal loans for people with bad credit

Personal loans features:


  • Personal loans are available from banks, credit unions and online lenders like Green Touch’s partners.
  • Carry a principle and an interest rate. The interest rate is important to consider.
  • Carry a fixed repayment schedule
  • Can be any amount but banks tend to lend more whilst online lenders tend to respond faster and work with small amounts.
  • Are usually delivered in 1 to a few days.
  • Always require some form of credit checks, but banks make the hardest checks.


Note: Under state and federal law, every website must have a lending policy. Read it carefully to ensure you understand your obligations.

Avoiding debt traps for small personal loan


  • Always understand what the interest rate on the loan means for you, especially if you risk missing a repayment. Interest can accumulate very quickly on high interest loans.
  • Ensure your lender is allowed to lend in your state. This will ensure that you are dealing with a bona fide business which is registered and legal.
  • Ensure you understand the terms and conditions and your obligations and also what will happen if you miss a repayment.
  • Ensure you have a solid plan to repay the debt on time. Interest spirals are not beneficial to you or the lender.
  • Avoid payday loans if possible. If you have a cheaper option, use that first. Payday loans are only suitable for loans of 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Don’t co-sign a loan with a partner to avoid becoming responsible for your partner’s debts.




Small personal loans are a good solution to emergencies but they should be repaid within 3 weeks to avoid interest spirals. If you are interested in this kind of loan contact us at


personal loan for bad credit

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