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Online business loans: obtain money now

Online business loans
Bureaucracies in the mainstream lending industry have pushed small business owners into a tight corner. As a result, many have now turned to online lenders. This new breed of creditors has an array of loan products customized for financing needs of SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises). What you and other peers in this sector need are loans that can help you deal with cash flow shortages in the short term. Banks have been a little hesitant to bridge this gap, hence the proliferation of online business loans.

Could bank loans be cheaper than online borrowing?

Traditional lenders obtain cash to lend from deposits made by their customers. You operate an account with a bank alongside many other business owners. The institution knows that all customers will not demand small business funding at once. They trade with your deposits and profit out of that. Also, the Federal Reserve lends banks money just in the same way you borrow. This cash comes at a lower rate of interest than what online and other alternative lenders obtain from their financiers. The money you borrow from an online vendor comes from investors such as hedge funds, capital firms and venture capitalists.

Why do small businesses prefer online lenders?

One advantage with online lenders is that their loans are of smaller amounts than bank loans. Besides, the borrowing duration is short. Online lenders have even ventured further by offering advances based on the accounts receivable portfolio. With such type of assistance, you can quickly smooth out setbacks caused by cash flows. Also, the application process is simple and does not take too long before you get the much-needed cash. Banks come as a distant secondary financing option with their lengthy procedures. Where an online loan request may only take hours for you to obtain, banks may take weeks.

Which is better?

Interestingly, internet-based credit is pricier than that offered by banks. The question of going to an online lender because you want to save money does not arise. However, the convenience you enjoy from applying for small business loans online beats having to deal with the rigid rules in the age-old banking system. As a business owner, what you value most is time, finding a credit product that cuts you the slack is way better than spending long days in long queues. As an entrepreneur in the US, you have no qualms about paying high rates of interest for a product that matches your funding needs. The fact that you can obtain credit quickly is all that matters.

How can you get the best online loans?

First, keep your business finances in order. Despite the flexibility found in the online loan applications process, lenders want proof that you can service their loan. The only way to be on top of things is by keeping your business records up to date. Also, keep projections of revenue versus cost incurred in generating it. The resultant figure will always tell you whether your business can repay the loan amount. Meanwhile, ensure that your business meets all legal and industry requirements.

Second, invest in accounting software. The days of entering transactions through a manual system are long gone. Besides, manual bookkeeping is a tedious exercise with very high chances of committing errors. Digital accounting tools such as Xero and QuickBooks will help you keep accurate financial records. With such software in place, you can retrieve useful data at a moment’s notice. Also, you can track and assess whether you are ready to take a loan. You may not have sound accounting knowledge, but once you learn how to use these financial management tools, you will always find it easy to evaluate business performance at regular intervals.

Third, separate personal matters from those of your business. As a business owner, sometimes you may find it hard to distinguish between personal credit and money for business purposes. For example, when you pay an invoice using your credit card, you have used your cash and not the company’s. The company ought to give you a refund. However, you will not always remember to reconcile your accounts. Besides, things become complicated. To avoid unnecessary trouble, open a business bank account and obtain one or several credit cards specifically for the firm. When you take some money from your company for personal use, remember to record that as part of your drawings.

Fourth, research on your lenders widely. Every online lender has a website where they market their services. Visit several of these sites before narrowing down to the one that best meets your credit needs. Compare the fees charged, interest rate and other costs. Hidden fees are a common occurrence in lending platforms. Seek verification when you come across levies that you do not understand. Before clicking the ‘send’ button, make sure that you know every cost. Excellent customer service is critical. You could place some calls to the prospective lenders. From the way they answer your request to the responses they give, you can tell which loan vendor values you more.

Finally, be security conscious. Browsing the internet these days calls for caution. There is the ever-present risk of someone hacking into your account and stealing information. Confirm that the unsecured business loans lender you are dealing with is reputable. Also, check that the website connection you are using to send financial information is secure. Avoid lenders that ask you to pay them upfront.


The Internet development and penetration in the US is among the highest in the world. Online lending is now on a roll. Despite banks providing the cheaper option, online loans are more popular since they are convenient. Also, lenders give business owners very fast feedback. To reap maximum benefits from online business lending, maintain up-to-date financial records and install accounting software. Avoid mixing personal cash with that belonging to the business and screen your lender before engaging their services. While at it, use secure weblinks to avoid falling prey to hackers.

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